Arva Reactor 32L Airbag (Activation Unit Not Included) - 2018

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REACTOR, the experience from the beginning

For the past 15 years, through our own team and partners, ARVA has played an important role in the development, production, and support of avalanche airbag systems. Studying and applying hundreds of actual accident reports, ARVA made the choice to innovate our own specific product in this field. After two years of research and development, ARVA is proud to present the one of the lightest, most functional, and reliable dual airbag systems on the market.

What is an airbag backpack?

The airbag system is a new standard in safety equipment, allowing a person to stay above an avalanche, and meant to be combined with use of a beacon, probe, and shovel. The principe use increases a victim’s volume by inflating an airbag around the backpack. The system is equipped with a simple lockable/rotating handle, when pulled for deployment, fills the airbag in just a few seconds. This airbag is brought to the surface of snow based on the physical phenomenon of “reverse segregation” which consists of pushing up lighter volumes among a multitude of moving particles.

The REACTOR system

With a total airbag capacity of 150 L (2 x 75 L each), combined with a dual inflation system, the REACTOR insists on security and reliability. The airbags shape and positionning have been designed in order to maximize the abilitly to move upward in an avalanche. The inflation system design has been optimized to offer a product more efficient, compact and lighter (790 g), at the same time adressing demands in real case situations. All these innovations included three different patent applications. You also have the possibility to take the REACTOR system out of your backpack and to transfer it in another compatible REACTOR backpack.

Cylinders (not included)

The cylinders are made with high-quality materials and are designed to withstand over 300 bars (4351 psi) of internal pressure. The steel cylinders comply with Directive 2010/35/EU in Europe and with DOC/TC regulations in North America. The carbon cylinders comply with ISO 11119-3 standards. The cylinders are single-use and can only be refilled by ARVA.

The REACTOR backpacks range

The range is made up of four different volumes of backpacks: 18, 24, 32 and 40 L,. Each size pack is customized for specific uses. The R18, light and compact, is dedicated to the minimalist or freerider. The R24 has a more storage volume while keeping compact, perfect for most day touring. With a more alpine style, the R32 is a great match forlonger touring, patroling or guiding. Finally, the R40 weighing 2.4 kg, or 5.3 lbs., equipped with a carbon cylinder, becomes a true option for overnight or extended trips, without compromising safety.


Suited for longer outings or additional gear, the R32 is a well-equipped airbag pack with an optimal weight balance. Thanks to its multiple mounting options and minimal weight this pack is ready to meet any needs you may have.

·      Directable and height-adjustable handle

·      Safety leg straps

·      Wide zip access

·      Map pocket

·      Ventilated back Touring back system

·      Multi functional loops with Twist Hook System

·      Goggle and valuables pocket

·      Hydration sleeve



32 L


1430 g


Cordura 210 double ripstop


Black, Blue, Lime Green


Anatomical with quick draws holder and pocket


Quick access


Skis / Iceaxe




Google pocket