Wool It Hikers Blister Wool

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Wool-it is 100% natural New Zealand wool and used as a skin cushion to prevent blisters .

Home grown in New Zealand the Romney and Corriedale sheep are farmed in this temperate climate where they are out in the grassy pastures all year round and produce a resilient wool free of dust, dirt and thistles.

Our suppliers only accept wool from ethically-produced, grass fed sheep free from mulesing.

At the mill the wool is scoured (washed) using a standard aqueous treatment with an Eco-friendly detergent that is biodegradable, dried and carded into slivers.

Taking the pressure away from a hot spot in your shoe is bliss!

Hot spots are caused by any combination of the 3 elements : friction, moisture and heat and may result in painful pressure points or blisters. Wool-it Wool is easy to use and immediately effective.


· Light as a feather to carry

· Very compact

· Adhesive free

· 100% natural

· Grown on the back of real NZ sheep