Vipole Hiker Trekking Poles

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Lightweight and performance. The vipole poles will become faithful companions for your hiking




·      Alu 7075 - Aluminium is the best material for the construction of poles, it’s resistant, well suited to mechanic specifications for the processing of the various components, and last but not least, it is nature friendly because it is completely recyclable. Vipole exclusively uses 7075 - F56 aeronautic league.

To guarantee protection from external agents, all aluminum components undergo an anodizing process, which makes them resistant to oxidation and corrosion.


·      Thin shaft 12/14/16mm - Thin shaft technology allows to reduce the diameters of pole’s stages, decreasing them respectively to 12, 14 and 16 mm. The result is a lighter and better balanced pole, with reduced swing effect and wind resistance.


·      Twistlock - The Blocking System reaches the best performances of resistance ever tested, in all atmospheric conditions. This unique double expander ensures durability and long life thanks to the expansion force of the two metallic parts working together.




- Carbide tip

- Basket 54 mm

- Trekking rubber round tip

- Rubber grip


Weight: 308gr