Salomon Shift Pro 130 AT - 22'

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Designed for skiers who love to charge through unspoiled powder at high speeds, but are tempted by the occasional escapade to hike a new peak, this boot combines the stability and power of a true alpine boot with the versatility of a touring boot that lets you enjoy the whole mountain. In bounds or out of bounds, the shift has never been easier!



Legendary fit

S/PRO’s 100 mm inclusive fit and anatomically designed Seamless liner combined with a softer Sensifit insert provide an exceptionally easy entry and anatomical wrapping.


Performance proven

The Coreframe insert delivers improved terrain feedback and power transmission for a unique downhill performance.


Backcountry commodity

At 1.67 kg, this boot makes it easy to hike up. The Surelock mechanism and liner’s walk function increase cuff mobility, while the LT insert ensures direct power transmission.


·      Low-tech inserts are integrated into the shell, making it complementary to touring bindings, so you can experience reliability and direct power transmission.


·      The Coreframe brings lightness, enhances sensations and increases power. It is an insert that guarantees the boot's stiffness after the Custom Shell HD process.


·      A secure and simple walk mechanism which enables a great range of motion for walking, and locks to offer you a better and safer skiing performance.


·      A Contagrip® piece between the toe and heel and GripWalk pads improve the boot's grip in difficult terrain such as a rocky summits, ice and other uneven surfaces.


·      Top-performance polyamide plastic which provides adapted rigidity, lightness and downhill performance. The Custom Shell HD makes personalization possible in just 10 minutes, the thinner wall construction and new materials bring your foot closer to the shell for increased sensations and more power, while the softer PU insert makes step-in easier.


·      The Custom Shell HD process aims to bring fast personalization to the lower shell of your boots in just 10 minutes. The thinner wall construction and new shell materials allow the foot to be closer to the shell and provide enhanced sensations, more power and direct transmission.


·      The soft PU Sensifit™ insert on the external side of the shell makes it super easy to step in the boot, delivering easy step-in and anatomical wrapping of the instep.


·      More durable material, also providing lightness and stability. 


·      This specific polyamid piece is the secret element providing a good range of motion in hike mode and a true alpine flex in downhill mode.


·      This Seamless Race liner features a softer part which bends easily to follow the movement of the cuff in hiking mode and ensures a natural movement of the leg when touring.


·      Two positions offer an adapted fit and more sensations options. The unhooked position allows you to reach the right level of progressiveness and rebound, while the hooked position ensures maximum stiffness and performance.


·      GripWalk pads are premounted and their specific shape offers improved walking comfort and more grip no matter the conditions.


·      Choose from 3 different positions of the instep buckle for optimum in-step comfort, full customization and personalized foot hold. 


·      The Riveted Oversized Pivot ensures perfect power transmission between cuff and shell.


·      An additional hook on the top cuff's buckle expands the range of motion and mobility of the boot when it’s in hike mode, improving your comfort when heading up towards a peak.



Alpine Boot last: 100/106


Strap: CLAW 45MM


Weight: 1631 g


Flex: 130


Franchise: SHIFT PRO


Norm: Gripwalk


Tech inserts: Yes


Techno: Skiwalk mechanism, Custom Shell, Gripwalk, Tech Inserts

Width: Medium