K2 WAYBACK 106 - '24

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A mid-fat waist and a shape that excels in soft snow makes the Wayback 106 your clear choice for when it’s deep and weight is a concern, because who wants to trek uphill if the descent is going to be subpar?

Our Ti Spyne (Titanal Laminate) and snophobic topsheet come together to create unmatched downhill performance while still keeping things light enough for long days on the skin track. Strapped with Carbon Overdrive and uni-directional carbon fiber integrated into the layups keeps things lightweight and responsive. Click into the Wayback 106 and you’ll be wondering why you’ve spent so much time waiting in lift lines.


  • ALL-TERRAIN ROCKER™: Gradual rise in the tip with a short, low section in the tail for greater versatility in all conditions.
  • TITANAL TOURING TECHNOLOGY: Titanal Touring Technology is based on the premise that going downhill is the priority. As with our high-end piste and freeride skis, we’ve incorporated Titanal laminates into the construction of our award-winning Wayback and Talkback skis. The weight of our touring skis speaks for itself, and we’ll let the smile on your face at the bottom of the run speak to their downhill performance.
  • BIO-RESIN: Lightweight, eco-friendly material for energetic and consistent flex across a wide range of temperatures.
  • PAULOWNIA TOUR LIGHT: Lively, flexible wood with excellent weight to strength ratio.


SIZE: 165, 172, 179, 186

DIMENSIONS: 132 - 106 - 121

RADIUS: 22.3 @ 179

PRODUCT WEIGHT(G): 1,475 @ 179

ROCKER: All-Terrain Rocker BEST FOR Powder , Touring