DPS Carbon Pagoda Tour 100

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We have had great success with our Pagoda Skis since launching them a few years back and new for the 2024/25 ski season is a line of Pagoda Tour CFL or carbon + flax laminate skis. We have stuck to our non-compromising mandate of durability, performance, and sustainability while evolving the Pagoda series of skis. To do this we have developed a unique new carbon + flax laminate (CFL), which reduces torsional chatter while also maintaining the energy and long-term durability of carbon. By embedding flax plant fibres within their pure carbon construction, we have created a unique woven fibre. This high-performance laminate also now uses an Entropy bio-based (25%) epoxy resin with integrated Checkerspot Algal sidewall technology (~ 60% bio-based). Through these changes, we have lowered our carbon footprint and has accelerated our journey towards more sustainable skis. The CFL is placed under the skis top sheet and combined with a Paulownia Wood coat and fully wrapped polyurethane sidewalls to keep the skis, light, responsive and damp.

With its unique rocker profile, the playful and floaty 100 is available in a tour-specific offering, specifically optimized for the full range of backcountry conditions you might encounter.

The new Pagoda Tour 100 will quickly become our most nimble, versatile backcountry ski, offering unrivaled float for a 100mm waist width. The playful shaping characteristics lend predictable, intuitive turns in a lightweight ski that is equally at home on low-angle meadows and steep, committing couloirs. The Pagoda Tour 100 is perfect for backcountry skiers who get out and amongst the mountains no matter the conditions.


  • Carbon-flax laminate shaves weight from its predecessor while maintaining its premium performance.
  • Super Sap Bio Resin and Checkerspot Algal walls are quite durable while lessening the ski's carbon footprint.
  • Paulownia core is tried and true and keeps unnecessary weight down.
  • World Cup race base is quite durable and has exceptional glide. It's used in the World Cup after all!
  • Binding reinforcement ensures your binding stays exactly where it should be, on your ski.
  • Rockwell 48 steel edges are robust and will provide a confident edge hold in firm conditions.


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