Singing Rock Bandit Ice Axe

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Versatile ice axe for a wide range of use.


  • Given its modular design, the ice axe can be adapted to a particular ascent
  • especially suitable for demanding technical mountaineering and ice climbing
  • Bent shaft makes hooking in steep ice or rock easy while creating an optimum grip angle.
  • Hot forged head allows use of adze/hammer and choice of ICE or DRY pick (for demanding mixed climbing the ice axe can be used without adze/hammer)
  • Head shape is designed so that it can be jammed into the cracks and to provide support for climbing in soft snow.
  • The weight of the head is concentrated in the trajectory of the swing making penetration into hard ice as easy as possible.
  • Possible to connect a carabiner to the head or hang the ice axe on PORTER
  • Ergonomically shaped handle is made of dual-density plastic for thermal insulation and safe grip.
  • A carabiner or BUNGEE tether may be attached to the spike.
  • BOXER protects fingers against injury and getting drenched and enables leashless climbing. 
  • RHINO hook is designed for higher grip in demanding ice/mixed climbing or, in contrast, in climbing snow slopes (you may remove both accessories and get a light ice axe for classic technical mountaineering).
  • Included with ICE pick and removable extra pick weights MASS for stronger swing (to improve pick penetration into the hardest ice).


Weight: 610 g (22 oz) = fully mounted ice axe (ice pick, hammer/adze, Boxer, Rhino)
Length: 50 cm (20 in)

pick: chromoly steel

Head, spike, shaft: aluminium alloy

Grip: dual-density plastic