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All day use, comfortable indoors and outside on entry to mid-grade climbs. The combination of flat lasted comfort, good edge support and an adjustable fit through its lace system make this a great all-rounder. Vibram XS Edge rubber, provides additional edge support and durability.

SCARPA athlete and well-known climber Robbie Phillip's has written a series of informative guides on how to choose and get the most out of your climbing shoes.




Vibram® XS Edge - Developed to provide maximum edging support, the VIBRAM® XS Edge compound delivers excellent pure grip while adding improved firmness for the most challenging edging moves. Thanks to an improved resistance to plastic distortion, it keeps its shape even after hours of use, maintains consistent feel in both hot and cold temperatures, and is formulated for improved durability.


Resoling Possible - Scarpa shoes and boots are built to the highest standard and should serve you for many years of use. However, just like tyres on a car, the rubber parts of a boot, shoe or rock shoe can wear down with use, and that’s why we offer a full re-sole service.

Resoling not only extends the lifespan of your Scarpa footwear, it also returns it to it’s very best level of performance.


A center shaped shoe - Where the toe point is longest at the centre of the toe box


A medium volume - Best suited for users with a medium width foot.




Bouldering: 2

Indoor Climbing: 2

Sport Climbing: 2

Trad/All Day Comfort: 5




Last:  FF

Sole:  Vibram XS Edge 3.5 mm

Upper:  Suede

Weight:  400g per pair 38