Grivel leash - Double Spring w/scew lock

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Product Description

An elastic double sling system to avoid losing tools when climbing on rock or ice, solving the problem of modern climbing without a leash.


  • Makes it impossible to lose the ice axes
  • Leaves hands free
  • Long when required
  • Compact when required

The Double Spring is attached to the harness by looping it through the tape ring over the harness itself.
The two ice axes are attached with 2 small carabiners to the holes on the spike (max 750kg).
Permits easy changeovers of hands and tools.
The two sections are so elastic that they don’t impede any movement and allow maximum arm extension when required.
Compact when required, long when required.
Attention: the double spring must never be used as a self belay for the climber or to belay a companion. Its strength is limited to 200kg.
The two small carabiners have a maximum resistance of 750kg and must never be used instead of normal carabiners when climbing or belaying. 

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