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One of the most versatile hiking tents you will come across that is light, compact and extends into 4 season snow camping. 



The Mont Moondance 2 has been extremely popular in Australia for a number of years now because of its ease of use, durable materials, practical features and low weight. Now the 3 season model gets a big brother capable of taking it into 4 season territory with a FN (Full Nylon) inner. At only 2.02Kg it is perfect for customers who want an all-round hiking, travelling or bike packing tent that may want to dabble in a bit of snow here and there or head to the south coast of Tassie for some wild times. The Nylon inner, as opposed to the mesh and Nylon combination helps hold in heat, reduce wind coming through and keeps out spindrift and other annoyances. The double mesh doors and internally accessed roof vents help keep the condensation at bay though with plenty of venting options. 


With vertical side walls and steep head and foot walls, internal space is maximised. Dual doors and dual vestibules also mean the Moondance doesn't sacrifice practicality for weight. Those weight savings come from an incredibly efficient pole structure, brand new quality fabrics, new production methods and DAC poles for the best strength to weight ratio. 

The other standout feature for Mont's Moondance series is that in today’s gram counting world Mont are still able to produce a weight and price competitive tent with a 10,000mm waterhead floor. With some manufacturers floors as low as 3,000mm, users often don't count the fact that they really need to always carry a foot print to achieve the durability they expect and the fact that even kneeling on some floors can produce enough pressure to force water through. With a 40 denier - 10,000mm waterhead floor, the footprint (although recommended) can be left at home on ultra light endeavours and forcing water through via normal use isn't a problem. 


With a host of other features and the best of materials and manufacturing the Mont Moondance 2 could be your 'Do it All' hiking tent. 


·      2 person, 3-4 season, freestanding tent

·      100% waterproof with factory-tape-sealed seams

·      Lightweight 30 denier rip-stop Nylon Fly with Silicon DWR outside and PU coating inside

·      Durable Tub Floor made from 40 denier laminated Nylon with 10,000mm+ waterhead

·      Full height 20 denier rip-stop Nylon inner

·      Dual entrance and dual vestibule

·      Internally accessed zippered roof vent & door vents for controlled ventilation

·      4 internal mesh pockets

·      3-point attachment, multi directional, reflective guy cords

·      2 DAC Featherlite NSL Poles with locking pole ends and wishbone hub design

·      Unidirectional poles for quick and easy set-up

·      Includes 8 Mont Millennium Pegs

·      Moondance 2 Nylon Footprint also available

·      Multipitch versatility: pitch the Fly only using the optional Footprint or pitch the inner by itself

·      Includes: Emergency pole repair sleeve, 1 tube Sil-Tec Silicone Seam Sealer, Fabric repair patches, 8 x Mont Millennium Tent Pegs, pitching instructions




This Mont Tent has a 25,000mm+ WaterBloc™ waterhead Nylon floor for superior protection in wet weather. Many competitor tents have only a 2500mm waterhead and some as low as 1200mm! With waterhead ratings as low as these, the pressure of you sitting in your tent can cause water to soak through from the wet ground!


Mont laminated tent floors are more durable, more resistant to chemical damage (sunscreen, oils, insect repellent etc), and is almost impervious to hydrolysis. Hydrolysis is a permanent and irreparable de-lamination between the PU and the Nylon fabric; the floor is no longer waterproof.




All Mont tents use DAC poles. DAC poles are selected for their high strength, exceptionally low weight, precision engineering and for DAC's market-leading environmental standards. DAC have been leaders in tent pole technology since 1991.




With a rectangle floor, long central pole and wide ridge pole the Moondance 2 tent has a large internal floor area of 2.76m2 and plenty headroom all around.




Vents in a tent fly are very important to minimise condensation and to regulate air flow and temperature. Access to these vents from inside the tent is just as important particularly in poor weather; having to climb out of the tent in heavy rain to open or close the vents is not fun!

All Mont tents have vents in the fly that can be accessed from inside the tent. Mont tents with full-Nylon interiors also have large window vents in the doors for greater ventilation.




Quick, easy and only requiring one peg! Three point attachment guy cords hold the tent steady anchoring the tent by 3 reinforced points. When not in use a hook, loop and toggle system holds guy cords neatly and prevents tangling.

See here for 3-Point Attachment Guy Cord Instructions




Moondance Tents with Full Nylon (FN) inners allow you greater protection in more weather conditions. Ultralight 20 denier rip-stop Nylon provides insulation in colder climates, protection from condensation coming off the fly, and prevents wind-blown snow coming in if the weather really turns on you.

Pictured: Moondance EX-FN inner.




Mont Moondance Tents use extremely strong and very lightweight 2-piece DAC Featherlite NSL pole systems. This pole system is incredibly easy to use and all Moondance tents can be set up easily and quickly even if you're on your own. DAC Featherlite NSL poles are selected for their exceptionally low weight, precision engineering, high strength and for DAC's market-leading environmental standards.




All Mont tents are sold tape-seam-sealed, waterproof and ready for rain. A clear polyurethane seam sealing tape is applied using a specialist machine at an exact speed, pressure and temperature. Mont seam sealing is lightweight, durable and totally waterproof. Seam sealing is essential to make a tent waterproof.




Inner 128cm wide / Inner 220cm long / Inner 100cm high /

Internal floor area: 2.76m2 / Vestibules 57cm wide each / Wide enough inside for two sleeping mats

Packed Dimensions:

Collapsed Pole Length: 49cm / Compressed Tent Sack: 33cm x 15cm

Fly Fabric:

30 denier rip-stop Nylon Fly with Silicon DWR outside and PU coating inside

Inner Fabric:

Full height 20 denier rip-stop Nylon inner

Floor Fabric:

Durable Tub Floor made from 40 denier laminated Nylon with 10,000mm+ waterhead


2 DAC Featherlite NSL Poles with locking pole ends and wishbone hub design

Packed Weight:


Minimum Weight:

1.865kg - includes inner, fly, poles and 2 pegs