Atomic Backland Girl - Ski + Binding - 2021

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The Atomic Backland Girl 110-130 is a stylish do-it-all girls’ ski that will let younger girls enjoy a true all-mountain experience early in their ski career. Best suited for skiers already moving confidently on the snow, it has a wide and solid footprint that provides optimum flotation in softer snow and makes it easy to initiate turns on the piste. It’s a ski ideal for young female riders ready to make their mark on powder and piste in a way that’s all their own.


·    Densolite Core - A foam core that's agile and dampens vibrations for effortless skiing.

·    Laminate - A structured topsheet massively increases durability and gives a high quality finish.

·    Sidewalls - A construction with no sidewall where the topsheet folds down over the edges for easy handling and superior durability.

·    Base -  High-density sintered bases that are fast in a variety of snow conditions and accept wax readily

·    Edges - Atomic edges are made from steel five times more wear resistant than standard steel, for strength and perfect grip.



Sizes: 110, 120, 130

Weight: 950g

Shape: Directional Shape

Core Construction: Densolite Core

Sidewall: Dura Cap

Ability: Advanced