Arva Guide 260 Probe

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Extremely robust, this is the preferred probe for mountain professionals.



Designed for mountain professionals the ARVA GUIDE 260 combines sturdiness and search precision thanks to the 13mm diameter tube and RACK LOCK locking system.



·      2.60m probe when fully deployed, 7 segments 37.5cm long


·      13mm diameter tubes


·      Strong and durable 7075 aluminum tubing


·      Stainless steel tension cord


·      RACK LOCK locking system allows you to quickly pull the tension cable tight when deploying your probe by simply pulling on the handle


·      Pull handle makes it easy to deploy the probe and snaps conveniently onto the tube once the victim is located and you start shoveling


·      Cone inserts make it easy to assemble the tube segments


·      Grip for easy handling


·      Precise markings on probe indicate snow depth




WEIGHT: 360 g