Queenstown Rock, Ice, Boulders Guide

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More than 2 years in the making, the long-awaited new edition of the Queenstown climbing guidebook is now available for purchase. The aim of this new New Zealand Alpine Club book is not only to have full coverage of the climbs in the Queenstown region, but also to motivate and inspire climbers to get out and attempt some of the hundreds of climbs in the area.

This new guidebook showcases the incredible diversity of climbing in Queenstown. Thanks to the wealth of information included, Queenstown Rock, Ice & Boulders is set to be a popular choice for anyone visiting the crags around Queenstown, or as a coffee-table book to help plan new adventures.


The most important features of the new guidebook are:

  • 256 pages of full-colour, high-quality action photos and clearly-marked topos.
  • More than 750 rock climbs and almost 200 ice and mixed climbs.
  • A brand new chapter about bouldering in Queenstown, with over 400 boulder problems and including Jardines for the first time.
  • Accurate information about crags, climbs, and first ascent details.
  • Detailed access information about climbing in Queenstown.


210mm x 148mm, paperback

colour images

256 pages

Published: 3rd edition 2018
ISBN: 978-0-9941210-5-9