Tendon Smart 10mm

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The Tendon Smart 10.0mm has been released onto the market as an entry level rope but has uses far beyond that of a beginner. The mid-range diameter of the Smart means that it will handle well through your belays but wont weigh you down too much. Unlike most other price point ropes the Tendon Smart 10.0 has a light external treatment to offer some degree of water and abrasion resistance as well as a handy half way marker.




Rope Diameter (mm): 10.0

Weight (g/m): 67

Number of UIAA falls: 8

Max. Impact Force (kN): 9.2

Sheath Slippage (%): -0.3

Static Elongation (%):  6.9

Dynamic Elongation (%): 35

Knotability: 0.9

EN 892: Yes

CE 1019: Yes