Slackline IndustriesTreePro Tree Protection Set

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Protecting trees is responsible slackline etiquette and is always recommended when setting up at home or public places. The TREEPRO design makes it easy with two pieces of self-closing, durable padding that also protect the slackline from abrasion and fraying to extend the life of your gear.


  • Velcro is full adjustable and holds the TREEPRO securely in place allowing a hands-free set-up of the slackline. Multiple pieces can be easily connected to wrap larger trees.
  • The Olefin padding is 10 times more durable than commonly-used felt ensuring the trees and slackline are safe from abrasion.

Length: 1.98 m

Width: 12.7 cm

Material: Olefin

Contents: 2 pieces of padding with Velcro closures

Age: 5 & up