Nordisk Titanium V-Shape Peg - Set of 2

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Ultra-light titanium peg with a strong grip for high tension.

The 9g titanium V-peg is both a very light and strong peg. It is designed in a classic V-shape, but trimmed with added holes for the lowest possible weight. Titanium construction offers the highest strength to weight performance while the V-shape combined with the thin titanium surface allows the peg to actually cut through smaller roots, making it especially optimal for pegging in areas with much vegetation, like woods and forests. The titanium V-peg offers a firm grip, making it possible to withstand even very high tension and stormy weather.


· Exclusive Titanium design

· Ultra-lightweight V-shape design

· Great weight/performance ratio

· Extremely sturdy construction

· Works well in most ground types

· Guy rope attachment for easy pull

· Added holes for lower weight

· High-end quality

· Sharp enough to cut through roots etc.


Package: 2 pegs in package

Weight: 9g per peg

Material: Titanium

Dimensions: 165mm length