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Small Planet Sports is not your average shop. Even if you enter as a ‘normal’ customer, you understand that straight away. The shop is often compared to that of a Kathmandu market place store or a gear cave. We’re not in Nepal though, but at the top of Shotover St, Queenstown.

Small Planet is one of the few remaining stores in Queenstown and perhaps the world, that holds soul. By that, we mean it has character, stories, essence and meaning far beyond that of simply selling product. The shop is a hub and meeting point for the real mountaineers, climbers, guides, pros and all-round dirtbags that have dedicate their lives to the mountains and design their lifestyles around being in the mountains as much as possible.

We stock good product at good prices. Far from being a glossy and commercial retail face, the name of our game is to provide you with specialist backcountry knowledge and make sure you leave with quality product to help you out in the mountains – be it tramping, rock climbing, alpine climbing, backcountry skiing or snowboarding.

Please note that we have a far greater range of stock than what is currently on our website due to restructuring. Please call for more details.



Darryl Tatom, Owner.​

In store opening hours: 7 days a week 9 AM - 7 PM

Contact Us:

Small Planet Sports

15-17 Shotover St

Queenstown 9300

New Zealand


Tel: (0064) 03 442 5397​​​​

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