Welcome to Small Planet’s partnership and journey with The Sherpa Project and Sherpa Adventure Gear.

For many international climbers around the world, making a journey to the Himalayas and climbing the world’s highest peaks is the ultimate. Many climbers will never even climb there. For those that do, having a Sherpa companion on the treacherous slopes of the Himalayas is an essential part of their climbing logistics. For it is the Sherpa who makes the route, carries the load and lays the rope all the way to top and back.

They risk their lives for a pittance and smile through the life threatening ordeals on the flanks of Everest and surrounding peaks. But rarely do they receive any of the fame or recognition that follows a successful summit.

As we read the sad story of the many unsung Sherpa heroes who live in total anonymity—and often utter poverty—in the shadow of Everest, we feel a powerful urge to share the Sherpa story with a wider audience. Sherpa Adventure Gear and began making outdoor clothing and gear. Then they started sponsoring the best high altitude climbers in the world to test our products – the Sherpas themselves.

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A Few Words with Grant McCance (Director, Sherpa Aus/NZ):

Can you give us a brief summary of Sherpa story?

“Tashi Sherpa started the company Sherpa Adventure Gear and it’s a tribute to the Sherpa culture and the people. We have some of the best climbers in the world working with us and test all of the product on Everest. We use some of the best materials on the market and we have a full development program which is ongoing. Tashi’s business model was largely a tribute to the Sherpas and as part of that he formed an education fund which sees a percentage of every garment sold. This helps educate the Sharpa children and have an impact down the track on how the country of Nepal is managed. His vision is all about what you can give back.

Who is Tashi Sherpa?

“Tashi is the owner or Sherpa Adventure Gear, founded ten years ago purely as a tribute to the Sherpa culture. He has an extensive background in the manufacturing side of the industry and this was his chance to establish a company with great principles, manufacturing the very best gear and involving Sherpa people in the process. The whole model is about what the culture is as well. We’re not just masquerading, this is about Sherpa people by Sherpas and is an example of what can be done with these people. 

What is unique about Sherpa product?

“As well as using high-quality materials, on every garment are the endless knot symbol and  prayer flags. The endless knot represents what goes around comes around and the prayer flags are wishing every person a safe journey. They are the integral parts of the brand. By putting that on every garment, we are emphasising what we are about. We’re using eVent on our waterproof fabrics and our alpine ranges are designed purely for that, so the fit is a bit tighter and more of a tailored fit and then in our mountain series the fit is a bit more relaxed. We’ll continue to use the very best fabrics or develop our own in the future. We’re using Primaloft in all of our insulation garments and have also just introduced a new merino base layer range. 

You talked about Sherpa giving back in the form of education?

Education with the Sherpa people is the way forward for that country to make a difference. Things like hydro programs which is obviously the biggest natural resource could be managed and controlled by Sherpa people and Nepalese people. That is the way forward.

Thanks Grant!