Word is out on Black Diamond’s battery operated avalanche airbag backpack. Look for more details in this space, but for now PopSci has the scoop. In a one-page teaser they detail the Black Diamond “Jetforce” as having a two inch fan that spins at 60,000 RPM and fills the bag “instantly.” After three minutes the fan reverses to empty the airbag, and the rechargeable battery gives you 4 inflations so you can practice pulling the trigger, or if you’re not too lucky, repeat your latest avalanche ride.


Black Diamond Jetforce


The simple, sturdy carabiner seems like a tough product to improve, but Black Diamond found a way: by replacing the conventional spring-latching gate in its RockLock and GridLock models with a magnetic locking system. When the gate is open, strong magnets in the opposed locking arms repel each other; when it’s closed, the magnets securely lock onto the steel nose between them. And unlike on most other carabiners, the locking mechanism on Magnetron-equipped models is symmetrical, making it easy to operate with either hand.

Black Diamond Magnetron

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