Earnslaw Epic

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Last week’s good weather window saw the boys heading off for a spring trip into the Rees valley with plans to summit Mt. Earnslaw. And summit they did! I saw Eddie the day after they returned and quickly realised that the trip was a bit of an epic! By the sound of things; lots of snow and high freezing levels with a lot of instability. Come into the shop and maybe Thomas or Eddie will share the avalanche story with you! A good reminder that alpine climbing in spring is not without risk.

“Going in there, the scenery gets better the higher you get and the small things become immense. It’s a beautiful place. We had a cruisy ascent with a bit of a mare on the way down, with the snow turning into icing sugar. Overall an amazing trip and will definitely do it again. I’d say not taking everything you think you might need but just what you cannot go without is key. Ultra-light on a bigger mission is a good thing” – Eddie

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