28th October 2013 – a remarkable thing!

The boys getting a bit excited about the snow!

(above) The boys excited and ready for a fresh dump of snow!!

The night-before text from DT reads – “Meet Remarks car park early! Bring your big boys undies coz you’ve all got an appointment with sum knee deep face shots up there”

Ye Har! In the morning looks like 20-50cm (could be more!) of fresh lungbustn’ leg-aching Pow!! And today everything is extra wide; the terrain, the sun, the skis – the smiles are the vibe. Yessiree Bob, the touring circus has come to town..

Cars in various states of stuckness on the road! Fifty to seventy ski touring ratbags who don’t really care though – just unload, “skins on” and go! Oops, transceiver check somebody!

Lines are being layed down all over the mountain whiteboard. Monday the 28th of October truly delivered an epic day for those that earned their turns! Up over the headwall, down the chutes, down the Grand Couloir, back of the Wye, slide over to the Doolans. Skiers, snowboarders, skidoos, snowshoers, little people, big people, hairy people, skinny people – oh yes – all of God’s wee snow creatures out dancing in the pow! (Geez I think we’ve had too much sun!)

Anyway end of the day back to the snowbound vehicles to bust out the tunes, beer, wine – there’s mates to catch up with as the stories get deeper, higher and wider – a flashback to club field skiing at Craigeburn in the 80’s and 90’s..

Snow is falling!Snow is falling!!!!

POWPowder time!

Eddie!Eddie, ready, go!

Spoon and his lady, about to get deep!

Skins off, lets have some fun!Skin up, skins off, ski!

Eddie charging.Eddie charging

Powder lines all day long....

Thomas' appointment with his face shots!!Thomas’ appointment with his face shots!

The crew is stokedThe crew, smiles all round!


The after scene